Leadership - Executive Staff Bios

Administrative Bishop - Church of God Virginia

Bishop Joseph and Betty Mirkovich

The Great Commonwealth of Virginia is proud to have with us Administrative Bishop Joseph Mirkovich and his wife Betty, who serves as our Women's Ministries Director. Bishop Mirkovich began his pastoral ministry planting churches in Virginia Church of God several years ago and considers this current appointment as Administrative Bishop as coming back home. He has previoiusly served as the Administrative Bishop in Quebec, Maritimes Provinces Canada; New York, Alabama, and Mississippi. He has also served in leadership at Pathway Publishing and on the Executive Council.
We are thrilled to have the Mirkoviches back "home" with us here in Virginia.



State Youth and Evangelism Director and Girls Clubs Coordinator

Mark and Wanda Cary

The Carys join the Virginia team from the Kempsville Church of God in Virginia Beach, VA. They have two daughters, Ashley(married to Jonathan Coleman) and Amber. 

Mark and Wanda have over 15 years of pastoral and youth ministry experience. Mark has served several terms on the Virginia State Council and the State Youth Board.  Since 2001 Mark has acted as coordinator for state events such as Camp Meeting and Prayer Conference.

The Virginia State Office looks forward to a partnership with the Carys as they lead our state in youth ministry. 





State Ministerial Development Director
David E. and Janice Hagee

Bishop David E. Hagee is a native of Virginia, where he began his ministry in 1970, serving as an evangelist. He has pastored for 26 years in the state of Virginia. He served as Evangelism and Ministerial Director from 1990 to 1994, and is currently the Ministerial Development Director, a position he has held since 1998. He has also been a member of the Virginia State Council, the Evangelism Board, and the Youth and Christian Education Board. He has chaired and served on many appointed boards and committees in Virginia.

His wife Janice has served on the Virginia State Women's Ministries Board and has been featured on state programs and at local churches. They have a desire to serve Virginia in reaping this last days' harvest.



State Hispanic Ministries Director

Dr. Miguel & Mireya Alvarez


The Virginia State Office is proud to welcome Dr. Miguel and Mireya Alvarez. As of October 1, Dr. Alvarez is serving the Church of God in Virginia in the official capacity of Director of Hispanic Ministries.

Help us welcome Dr. Miguel and Mireya Alvarez as a part of the state office executive staff.

As he partners with us to facilitate our Hispanic Ministry, Brother Alvarez's primary ministry is with Christian Broadcasting Network.

Dr. Miguel Alvarez Bio

Dr. Alvarez was the former president of the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries in Asia/Pacific and former Administrative Bishop of Church of God the Northeast Hispanic Region.He has also served as adjunct professor at Regent University's School of Divinity. He continues to serve as an academic mentor for graduate and post-graduate studies.

Leadership Training

Dr. Alvarez provides training services to pastors and church leaders on ecclesiological and theological issues. He teaches church planting and development. As an educator he lectures internationally. He is an advisor and mentor of church planting and discipleship. He also trains local leaders of small group ministries.

Networking Facilitator

Rev. Alvarez networks with a variety of organizations and Christian leaders internationally. He connects people and ministries that share similar purposes. He facilitates and connects leaders with resources available in different sites of the world.

We appreciate his ministry and are grateful for his willingness to be in partnership with us here in Virginia.